On occasion, I will create a piece that expresses my point of view on a social topic, a specific issue or an event.  One example of this was after a visit to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp outside Berlin, Germany in 2009.  I was deeply moved by that sober experience and upon returning home, I created a piece called Purple Triangle.  The painting is simple in its appearance but the purple triangle is powerful in its message. 

However, most of the time I work on abstract paintings that are not intended to convey a message, but rather, are to be attractive pieces that you will want in your home and work spaces.   I love to use bold colors, lots of texture and unique shapes; and I like to try new materials and techniques. My pieces tend to evolve organically while I’m working with them.   

  • Bottom Line:  I feel that art should not only be observed in certain places at certain times, but should be part of our daily lives and enhance our surroundings.

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Purple Triangle

Purple Triangle 30X40 Acrylic on Canvas


Purple Triangle Show

Gallery Showing at Avisca Fine Art 2011



  • About the Purple Triangle:  This was the symbol worn by prisoners who were Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Nazi concentration / labor camps.  They were the only group of people in the camps that had the power to leave by agreeing to sign a form renouncing their religious beliefs whereby they would be freed immediately.  However, their loyalty and conviction would not allow them to do such a thing; and becasue of their firm stand they were abused, tortured and some killed.  This is a less often discussed group regarding WWII and the Nazi Regime.